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"We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend" -- Robert Lewis Stevenson

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I am so excited for our country today. I hope that, even if you didn't vote for him, that we can all appreciate that our country needs change. I am eagerly awaiting the transition of power, and that's putting it mildly. So glad, even as I sniffle and hack with a cold, that I am able to be home and watch history in the making.

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Hope everyone is having a happy Valentines/Singles Awareness Day/whatever suits your fancy. I myself, have had a pretty awesome day lounging around the apartment. I slept 12 hours last night and it felt amazing. I still feel a little blegh, but not nearly as bad as last night. I may even go to classes tomorrow. When I woke up, I stumbled to the bathroom, and saw my iPod and two envelopes next to the sink. Which was confusing, because I hadn't remembered leaving my iPod there. One of the envelopes said "Open me", the other said "wait". So I opened the one I was supposed to, and this is what it said:

Good morning sweety! Now, there's another envelope here. I want you to NOT look at that yet. I went out yesterday to pick up some roses for you, but couldn't find any. They were all out! Anways, there's this article in the Herald-Sun (you can see it at aobut how roses are toxic and not good for your health! But I got something that should make you just as happy. Now, I put a song on your iPod, which is sitting there on the sink. I have it set to that song. If it isn't set, you want "Kelly's Valentine Song". put on your iPod and start listening. Follow the arrows to the gift once down reading this note. When you get there, I want you to open up the second envelope.

So I turn on my iPod, and my Valentine song is Frank Sinatra's "The Way you Look Tonight". Michael had drawn little arrows that led to my desk...where he'd set a bouquet of a dozen roses. I then opened the second envelope, which said:

Gotcha! Happy Valentines Day!

What a butthead. I love him. :P

After my exhausting journey to the desk, I laid on the couch pretty much non-stop. Did manage to get a lot of new testament homework done and child development. Ran out to the Teeter to do Michael's present. I got him dark chocolate truffle and peanut butter hershey kisses, and wrote out 100 'kisses', for things/reasons why I love him. Yeah, you can gag now. He liked it.

When he came home, he had one last surprise for me. Tuesday night while I was in class, he'd made something for me and wrapped it up in aluminum foil, with a big note that said don't peek in the fridge. Somehow, I managed to listen (I'm really bad at that, apparently). He let me open it up and it was a homemade heart shaped red velvet cake. Freaking awesome. So we had that for dessert, along with mint chocolate chip ice cream, after our fabulous Valentine's dinner of steak, baked potato, and crescent rolls. Yeah...I need to go get on the bike. But who needs a $100 overpriced dinner just because it's February 14th? Not me.

So I hope you all have had a wonderful day; even if you don't buy into the 'hallmark-y' style, it's still nice to take a minute and let the ones you love know how much you appreciate them. One of my favorite Valentine's days was cooking tortellini with afadingvoice and watching movies at her apartment. I'm a simple girl, what can I say. Love you all!
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I'm (finally) back! We've been gone since the 22nd, visiting Michael's dad first, then his mom, then my parents ,then my aunt, and then my Grandma. I swear, visiting family is exhausting. :P Michael and I finished unpacking about an hour ago, and I'm enjoying a post-dinner New Year's Eve snack of guacamole and tortilla chips homemade lovingly by my sister. We don't have big plans for the evening...having sat in a car for more than 6 hours this weekend, I don't have much energy to go out and party. The one thing we'd thought of (First Night) won't work because it's raining. So I'm content to sit here in my PJs, watch movies, and ring in the New Year with my honey and kitties. :)

Unpacking everything this evening made me realize just how blessed we've been this Christmas. Michael and I received SO. Much. Stuff. I really don't know how we found a place for it all. We just shook our heads a bit as reality set in.

So, I hope all of you are thoroughly enjoying your last night of 2006. '06 has been a year of ups and downs for me, and while I'm happy to wax nostalgia a bit, truly, I can't wait for 2007. It's going to be a great year, I can just feel it. So behind the cut are a little snippet of memories from 2006.

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To be a bit off-topic: Does anyone have a good crock pot recipe? If you skipped the Xmas list, it was one of my presents, and I am dying to use it. Let me know your favorites!

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I need a holiday icon.
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Michael and I welcomed a new member into our family today. Internet, meet Simon, our beautiful baby boy! Excuse the crappy quality, pics were taken with Michael's webcam. ;o)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He's 10 months old, all white except for a tiny smudge at the top of his head, and is abso-freaking-lutely adorable. He was already declawed and neuteured, so all we paid was the adoption fee. He came from an animal rescue group in Youngsville that was having an adopt-a-thon at the Cary Crossroads Petsmart. Right now he's a little nervous about everything. He's curled up under the tv. But he and Pandy are friendly toward one another, and here's hoping that with some time they become best friends. I didn't think we'd go for an all-white kitty, but he was too cute to pass up. :o)

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I'm engaged. :)

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Bush tells the truth about his administration's policies

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:::shuffles in:::: I graduated yesterday! No more high school for me :D It was fun; my tassel is hanging in my car. My cords are scattered throughout the house ;) AND I have money. Times are good.

But I have an eye appt. tomorrow at 9:40 am. Boo. So I must be off. :::shuffles out::::

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