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Elen síla lúmenn' omentielvo.

A star shines in the hour of our meeting

24 November 1984

As of July 6, 2003, my journal is mostly Friends Only. It's friends only to give me a sense of who exactly is reading my ramblings. here's a little bit of info to get a sense of who i am:
[girl] Kelly. Graduate with an English/Creative Writing degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. Working at a mind numbing job that occasionally has its perks. Looking forward to going back to grad school, whenever that may be. Originally from Wake Forest, NC (still dwells there occasionally on weekends and holidays). Democrat. Former color guard member in UNC's marching band. Member of Assembly Line winter guard. April 2006 we traveled to Dayton, OH for national championships. It was unforgettable. Christian. Reader, writer, lover of life. My world is a great place to be at the moment. Always looking for new friends and new adventures.

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[favorites] The love of my life, Michael [Wedding 06 October 2007]. It was awesome. :) friends. carrboro. coffee houses. color guard. winter guard. weaver street. farmers' markets. pride and prejudice. chick lit and chick flicks. feminism. saving the world. environmentalism. my creative writing classes. broadway musicals. singing in the shower. girls' night out. music. tcby. date nights. my darling cats [Pandy and Simon] and my parents' cats [Patches R.I.P :(, Zoe, Izzie, and Zack].

[Dream Job] something unconvential, like a magazine or internet freelance writer. A job that lets me make my own schedule, where i can write at night and pick up my kids after school. or a children's librarian. hire me. i promise to capitalize. i'm a lot more jaded now that i've had my taste of the 'real' world. maybe a stay at home mom job is in my future.

[activities] Writing. Anything, everything. Especially children's lit. I throw flags and rifles during the winter season. Taking care of Michael and the cats is an activity. Cooking. Finding great wines. avid movie-goer. politically informed. Studying for the GRE so I can go to library school. big time ACC college basketball fan. *yay tarheels*

[Quotes] * "There are some fish that can't be caught. It's not that they're bigger or faster then the other fish, they're just touched by something extra". -Big Fish * "I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because I see everything by it." -C.S. Lewis * "My right to speak my mind, to have a voice, to be what some have called opinionated, is a right I deeply and profoundly cherish. And my only hope is that, one day soon, women-who have all earned their right to their opinions-instead of being called opinionated will be called smart and well-informed, just like men." --Teresa Heinz Kerry *

[books] Pride and Prejudice. The Lord of the Rings triology. The Harry Potter series. The Wind Blows Backward. Beloved. The Catcher in the Rye. Anything by Jodi Picoult.

[Television] LOST, Heroes, Battle Star Galactica (don't hate, it's awesome), Food Network, Mythbusters, Lie to Me, and house flipping shows.

if you're still interested, comment. friend me if:
*we have some common interests.
*you're willing to comment now and then (i shall reciprocate).
*we do not have common interests, but you would like to meet someone different.
*we met in a community and seemed to get along.

do not friend me if:
*you are such a grammar nazi that you can't stand an occasional 'netspeak or two. I don't do 'u', 'ur', or anything like that, but i will say 'lol' from time to time and sometimes i don't capitalize. If it bothers you that much, go read your English homework instead of this.
*you haven't commented first. bad ljer, no biscuit!
*you are extremely anti-liberal. I welcome differing views than my own; after all, I'm an English major...we love discussion! However, if all you're going to do is bash me everytime I make a post about my political views, I'm not interested. I suggest you go here and work on a) a sense of humor and b) getting along with others despite party affiliations.
other than that,i'm always up for new lj friends. :)


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